Brand pack for Source Design Studios

Blog for a design project

I made a blog on tumblr etiquette for a uni project. This is it.

Photos of the perfect-bound book I made for my Graphics Course. The text is Edgar Allan Poe’s The Black Cat. We had to design it, keeping in mind the hierarchy of the typography and the way that the book should be read.

Which of these should I use for a dust jacket and front cover for a copy of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Black Cat?

Abandoned idea for a project for aspex gallery.

The idea was that it would be perforated and you would rip the poster apart and take the separate cards away with you.

Final title sequence. Some minor changes as well as a change in the size due to the restrictions of the project.

Second draft of the 20 second modernism title sequence and the one i will be refining and handing it. I’ll post that up when it’s done.

First draft of 20 second modernism title sequence.

Not all that interesting. Last project for uni. We had to make pictograms showing the evolution of an object. I chose the lightbulb. The last one is a weird new bulb they’re bringing out soon apparently.

I’ll post pictures of my other ongoing uni project; a book titled “What is graphic design?” soon.